Diving on Fuerteventura


What could be better than flying to the warm south, enjoying the sun and finally cooling off in the water? Nothing, exactly! That’s why diving on Fuerteventura is so popular. There is an incredible water world to explore.

The water temperatures are between 17 ° C and 22 ° C and a breathtaking underwater view of up to 40 meters makes this island a diving spot. We have selected 2 great diving schools for you, offering excellent lessons for every level and modern equipment on board.

In the underwater world of Fuerteventura you can also find all kinds of interesting creatures such as angel sharks (harmless), parrotfish, moray eels, sea bream and turtles. But these are just a few of the huge ecosystem.

Diving Spots:

Isla de Lobos

Lobos is one of the most popular diving spot in the Canaries due to its biodiversity. The underwater world there is characterized by its volcanic slopes with many small gaps, where all kinds of life can be observed. From time to time even very rare fish such as the hammerhead shark visits this area.

Caleta de Fuste

Whale sharks, turtles and pilot whales are three inhabitants of the underwater world on the Caleta de Fuste, which make every dive an experience there, but even up to 1.60 meters large grouper fish that can be fed by hand are worth a visit.


The most beautiful and famous beach areas on Fuerteventura are the beaches and coves of Jandia. There are numerous dive sites in shimmering green water. Some of the best known are El Bajon, the lava field, the large moray reef or a shipwreck that lies between Morro Jable and the Roque Negro. In addition, morays and shrimp colonies can be observed.


In Ajuy you will find huge caves, overhangs and canyons on the west side of Fuertes. On the wild Atlantic side, diving is only possible with calm water. The caves of Ajuy are only for experienced divers. The inhabitants of this side of the island are stingrays and angel sharks.

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